The Garage Door Lock

All it takes is a few seconds to get into your home through the garage door.

Garage Door Security: Essential Measures and Tips To Secure Garage Door

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Garage doors often represent one of the most overlooked aspects of home security. As a homeowner, the safety of your property and loved ones is paramount. Investing in robust garage door security isn't just a precaution—it's a necessity. This blogdelves into the importance of garage door security, exploring common vulnerabilities and the most effective modern

24 Garage Security Tips That Will Make Your Garage Safer

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People often overlook the importance of garage security. For convenience, many homeowners place their garage door remote on their car's visors. However, if you are not properly closing up at night, this might invite robbers to have easy access. Even if your house is attached, they will be able to access your garage once they

Enhancing Garage Security with Locks: A Comprehensive Guide

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Most people will go to great lengths to secure their front and back doors, but neglect to give their garage doors the same level of attention. Even so, most thieves will go for the simplest entrance point, which is often the garage.  Adding extra locks to your garage door is a good idea if you

Does Your Insurance Cover Theft From Your Garage?

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Does your car insurance cover theft from your garage? If you don't have auto insurance, then you might want to consider adding garage coverage to your policy. Garage coverage protects your vehicle against damage or theft caused by another person who has access to your home. Garage coverage is usually included in homeowner policies, but

How to Secure Your Garage Windows and Deter Potential Intruders

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Garage windows provide natural light and ventilation to our garages, making them functional spaces for a variety of activities. However, an unsecured garage window can be an easy entry point for intruders, putting our property and family at risk. Read our guide for effective measures to secure your garage windows and reduce the risk of

Common Garage Door Break-ins

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It's natural for us as homeowners to want to keep our houses and assets safe from intruders. Unfortunately, garage door break-ins are becoming more common, with crooks targeting many residences. To keep your garage and house safe, it's critical to understand the common causes of garage door break-ins, the symptoms that a break-in has occurred,

Can Thieves Open Your Garage Door

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As homeowners, we often wonder if thieves can open our garage door. The answer is, that it depends. Chances are slim if you use security measures such as garage door locks and cameras. However, if you do not take any security precautions, there is a high risk of garage door break-ins. I’ll discuss how thieves