The Garage Door Lock

All it takes is a few seconds to get into your home through the garage door.

Does Your Insurance Cover Theft From Your Garage?


Does your car insurance cover theft from your garage? If you don't have auto insurance, then you might want to consider adding garage coverage to your policy. Garage coverage protects your vehicle against damage or theft caused by another person who has access to your home. Garage coverage is usually included in homeowner policies, but

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How To Secure Garage Windows


Garage windows are a great way to keep your garage secure and prevent theft. However, they can also be a security risk if not properly secured. If you’re looking for ways to secure your garage windows, here are some tips on how to do it right. 1. Install Security Bars Security bars are the most

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24 Garage Security Tips That Will Make Your Garage Safer


People often make a variety of security-related blunders with garage doors. For convenience, many homeowners place their garage door remote on their car's visors. However, if you are not properly closing up at night, this might invite robbers to have easy access. Even if your house is attached, they will be able to access your

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Common Garage Door Break-ins


It's a sad fact of living in today's world that the garage door is one of the most vulnerable areas in your home. If you're not careful, you could potentially have a garage door break-in without realizing it for days, weeks, or even months. Thankfully, you can protect yourself from these unwanted visitors by

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Can Thieves Open Your Garage Door


In many cases, this is a question that older homeowners ask themselves. They might be asking because they want to make sure their smart garage door is secure and worry about their family's garage door safety in the event of a break-in. Or they might simply ask how burglars typically open garage doors, so

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