A garage defender is an automatic garage device that defends your innovative garage. It can be used as a deterrent to potential burglars who are eyeing your home, or even a way to scare them off if they get too close to your property. This post will teach you all about the benefits of these devices and how they work. It’s just one more tool in the arsenal against crime!

But before we talk about garage defenders, it’s important that you evaluate your own needs and preparation for such a device. While these devices are certainly fun to have and can help keep you safe, they could also be something that you don’t need. For example, suppose your neighborhood is generally stable and you always feel like local authorities monitor you. In that case, there’s really no need to go out and get a garage defender. You are probably just fine without one.

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However, if you live in an area that does not have as much law enforcement coverage or security, then it might make sense for you to consider getting a garage defender. People who live in large cities or areas that are known for having a high crime rate would greatly benefit from these devices.

Garage Door Lock

A garage defender will allow you to watch your garage door and fire any sort of alarm, in that case, someone is trying to get into it. And like an actual fire alarm, this device will sound when someone tries to pry open your high-Quality garage door lock and walk through it.

Garage Door Lock

In this post, we’re going to share some general information about garage defenders and how they are made and installed as well as some advice on what to look for when shopping for a new one.

Things to Know while buying Garage Door Defender

The first thing to consider when buying a new garage defender is garage door safety. If it is installed properly, an old-fashioned wood or metal garage defender will protect your car from falling debris. The cover will also protect your car from falling objects such as stones and branches that may be dropped onto the car’s roof.

A garage defender will not save the car from being hit by a person on a bike or in vehicle type. Nor will it prevent children from climbing up over the wall and into an open window.

A garage defender is not fireproof. Even if the cover is fireproof, the wall on which it is installed will often heat up due to sunlight, exhaust fumes, and other typical summer heat sources. It’s possible that a small fire could develop between the cover and the wall.

But what about vandalism? A vandal might try to remove or damage a garage defender under cover of darkness. However, our experience tells us that in most cases they won’t even notice it when they look over the wall during daylight hours.

Vandalism is a small price to pay for the peace of mind provided by a garage defender. And the cover can be replaced without having to replace the whole unit. A vandal can also take away only the speaker from your garage defender and replace it with some stolen speaker wire that he has stolen from your car stereo.

Garage Defender: Installation

A garage defender can be installed alongside your existing garage door. Remember, to prevent trapped people from suffocating, a garage defender must be installed about three feet from the top of the garage door’s opening.

There are some tips that will help you make sure you have the right size unit for your needs and to make installation easier. You should also make sure things like duct tape or plastic covers can be placed over the existing vent holes on your roof.

How does a garage door Defender work?

The principle of a garage defender is quite simple.

The device consists of a control box, a pressure garage door sensor, and a high-pitched loud alarm speaker.

A high-quality garage door Defender works by emitting high-frequency radio waves. These radio waves are picked up by the control module of any intruder’s remote control device and thus jam their signal, rendering them useless. This means that any intruder trying to open your garage door with their garage door remote device will find it impossible.

While your Defender is operating, the unauthorized press of the remote’s buttons will instead cause an ear-blistering sound which deters anyone trying to gain garage entry that way. The Defender, therefore, foils both shoulder surfing and jamming attempts, making it a great choice for any homeowner looking to improve their home’s security.

Garage Door  Defender – Advantages of Using It

The importance of garage door cover is based on the following advantages:

  • Install garage door defenders is not difficult, so it can be done by almost anyone.
  • No special skills are required to assemble this Garage security device or install it. And they can be placed on virtually any garage door.
  • Garage defenders are made in several different styles depending on your preferences and garage door design. They can be attached directly to the roof of a garage door, or installed on the wall next to it. Also, there are models that consist of several individual pieces that can be placed in different places if necessary for better protection against intruders.
  • They protect against falling objects (mice, spiders, birds), that can cause damage to your vehicle types. But since these objects are protected by the protector itself, there is no need for you to install additional protection for this area.
  • They protect you from trampolines, snow, and other objects that could fall on your car.
  • They show the intruders that you have a home in the area and are not at home. This means that you can avoid unnecessary intrusions.
  • They prevent your car from being damaged by vandals (clubs, rocks, etc.). Vandalism is a common reason for theft, so this will help to protect your car from harm.
  • They protect against potential thieves who want to gain access to your vehicle. Since it’s hard for them to peer into the ground-floor garage windows, they will not be able to steal anything from the car.
  • The garage door defender is a very popular garage door security product that protects your car from damage or theft. This means you won’t have to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle. Plus, it is an effective way to avoid vehicle theft, as well as provide garage door security solutions for your home.

Garage defender – Disadvantages of Using It

The biggest disadvantage of a garage defender is that after installing it, you need to ensure that your house is properly secured. To protect the car from falling objects, garage defenders are usually mounted on the roof or side of an open door. But many garages don’t have a solid wall between them and bedrooms or other rooms. So, it’s important to make sure that ceiling defenders are firmly attached and properly garage door seal to prevent bad weather from damaging your car.

Garage defender FAQ:

Can the defenders be installed on metal garage doors?

Yes, they can be easily mounted on metal garage doors. The only thing you need to make sure of is that it doesn’t affect the operation of your metal garage door. Also, if you are mounting it on a metal ideal surface, it’s recommended that you first use conductive adhesive tape to ensure a garage clean connection.

Can they be used with plastic garage doors?

Yes, they can be mounted on any type of garage door. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the mounting surface should be at least two inches wide. 

Can they be mounted anywhere on the garage door?

Well, it really depends on the design of the product that you choose. However, most garage door protectors are installed below the top of your garage door so they will not disturb its operation.

Can they be mounted on swing doors?

Yes, they can be installed on swing doors. Swing doors are small in size and if you have them installed on a large garage door they will not disturb its operation. Also, you need to make sure that it fits in the correct place so it will not interfere with the operation of the door.

Can they be mounted on storm doors?

No, they cannot be mounted on storm doors because these doors weigh a lot, and the arm of the garage door swing. Also, the swing of storm doors can easily interfere with their operation. So, you need to check availability before you set up your garage door protectors.

Can they be installed on glass garage doors?

Yes, their mounting surface should be at least two inches thick of glass to ensure an accurate alignment. And they can be installed above the door. A downside of using them with glass doors is that they don’t fit perfectly on these doors and will likely interfere with their operation.

Are our garage door protectors better than bullet-resistant doors?

No, in most cases, it is not recommended to use these two different types of security devices. And it’s always better to install additional garage door security measures to prevent intruders from entering your garage. But this decision you need to make is based on the type and length of your garage door.


Garage defender is the ideal solution for all those who are really car owners. This protection device does not require special skills to mount type surface-Mounted, so almost anyone will be able to do that. You need to determine where the best place for mounting your roof guard will be. You should take into account the size of your garage door, whether you have a tilt-up or pull-down door, and other factors that can affect installing these devices.

If you thinking of buying a garage defender, don’t hesitate to find out how it works. Knowing how it works will help you to understand if this is the right product for your garage door. Remember, the best way to protect the garage door is by installing a high-security option system that covers all areas that require protection. To do this, choose a reliable brand and connect it to an alarm modes system. This will give you peace of mind in the event of a break-in. A further downside of using the garage door defender is the fact that it doesn’t protect against intruders who want to enter your home and steal personal belongings. So if you are planning to install this device, don’t forget to include personal protection measures in your security strategy.

Garage Security is very important, so take care of it by installing a garage defender.

Thank you for reading!