It’s a sad fact of living in today’s world that the garage door is one of the most vulnerable areas in your home. If you’re not careful, you could potentially have a garage door break-in without realizing it for days, weeks, or even months. Thankfully, you can protect yourself from these unwanted visitors by making some simple renovations to your current setup.

There are many common ways thieves can break into your smart garage, so you’ll want to be sure you’re taking precautions to stop them. Knowing the most common-sense methods of breaking into garages can help you determine what changes need to be made.

1.) The Remote Method

This is probably the easiest way a thief can break into your garage, and sadly, it’s one that’s used quite often. This method involves using a universal type garage remote controller from another manufacturer in order to open your door.

The garage door remote controller sends signals to the opener which can often cause it to open when an unauthorized individual is not present. If your garage door opener is easy to be tricked into responding to, then your best bet is to replace your opener entirely with a more secure model.

2.) The Sticky Note Method

If you keep sticky notes on your doors or home & garage windows, you’re giving thieves home or garage access keys. These are often blank and resemble a piece of paper, so they easily fit into a pocket and can bypass the lock altogether.

3.) The Power Supply Method

This method of breaking into a garage relies on the fact that most garages do not have a secondary power supply, so once the main source is cut off, there’s no way to open the door from inside. Some careful thieves will target your power source in order to keep you locked inside your garage.

4.) The Telephone Pole Method

This method requires help from someone nearby to assist in opening your gate for them. The thief will climb up a telephone pole and use wires to trip your garage door opener. If you have an automated gate, this method is likely to fail since it requires someone to physically be present at the scene of the crime.

5.) The A-Frame Method

This method is simple, yet effective since it doesn’t require any electronics or special automation tools. It simply involves using a large board or something similar to prop up your gate while they are robbing you blind.

6.) The Fence Method

This method is similar to the A-Frame approach, but it relies on using a fence to prop up the gate directly. This method can be particularly dangerous since thieves will often use a large vehicle in order to ram through the fence and force your garage door open.

7.) The Slate Method

Slate roofs are popular as they keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The problem with using these materials is that they are often easily damaged. Thieves will remove the pieces of slate they need and use them as a shim to force open your garage door lock from the outside.

Here is some advice that needs to be thought over:

You can’t stop garage break-ins from happening overnight, but you can make it harder for them to happen in the first place. That’s why making simple changes to your current setup is a solid start toward protecting your home and garage against unwanted visitors.

Here are some things you can do to make your garage door even harder for thieves to get through:

1.) Install an alarm system 

An alarm system will alert you to any anomalies that may be occurring around your commercial property. Since a garage potential burglar often takes place when no one is home, having a system like this in place could give you just enough time to catch the criminal in the act.

2.) Install motion-sensing floodlights 

There’s nothing like the fear of being caught in the open by someone with a flashlight shining directly in your face. Install motion-sensing floodlights or turn on your natural light when you leave the house in order to give yourself the upper hand.

3.) Put locks on your garage door

This is a rather simple step, but one that needs to be considered. As previously mentioned, consumers are often lax when it comes to securing their homes and this is evident in a lot of potential break-ins.

Put locks on your garage door

Whether you’re doing this yourself or hiring an expert, only use high-quality Garge door locks that can withstand any amount of force.

4.) Don’t leave valuable items out in the open

Make sure you secure any items with your name on them and keep them out of sight of anyone who might be in your home. Thieves have often been known to take advantage of unlocked areas, so keeping these items locked up will make it much harder for them.

5.) Replace your garage door with a metal one

Since age does not have any effect on metal, plated versions are much more resistant to damage caused by thieves. Replacing your old door with a metal one is an excellent way to make yourself safer without the large price tag.

6.) Use additional security measures

Bolting your door to the frame will make it much more difficult to burn through. With this step, thieves will need to use power tools in order to break in and that often gives you enough time to call the police.

7.) Replace locks with high-security cylinder locks

There’s a huge difference between getting a new lock and replacing it with another one from a different manufacturer. The best locks are the ones that are truly high-security, and this is one of the ways to keep your garage a little bit harder to break into.

8.) Remove the deadbolt entirely

You don’t want thieves to have the ability to open your garage door by simply removing your deadbolt from the inside. If you’re worried about thieves getting in, you can purchase an electronic lock and place it on your existing door.

9.) Install chain tensioners 

This is a simple step, but one that’s worth every penny. Chain tensioners are designed to apply a force on the chain so that it’s harder to cut.

Install chain tensioners

For an even more effective option, use thick chains that thieves will have trouble working with.

10.) Add additional locks

One of the best ways to make your garage more secure is by installing additional locks around the door. Some consumers will take this step and simply bolt their gate to their house to increase security. While it’s not a super ideal option, it can be done with relative ease and little effort.

11.) Install “hidden” security cameras

This is a cheap and easy way to add extra security around your home. If a thief wants to break into your home, they will need to make use of some sort of expensive tool in order to get inside. Having cameras with motion detection will allow you to press charges against the criminal if they are caught on camera in the act.

If you want to know more about how to secure a garage door, read our article on garage security.


We must take care of our belongings. A garage door is one of the most expensive home-related purchases that we are likely to make so it makes sense to try and protect it from damage or theft in any way possible.

You’ve heard about a few techniques that criminals use to get through your doors, but you also know how you can prevent them from doing so. Keep in mind that these tips are designed to help you make your garage door much harder for accomplished thieves to get through, not harder for them at all. If you’re looking for additional garage door security systems, you should contact a professional who can help you out since this is a serious consideration.

Have any additional tips for protecting your garage door? Feel free to share them in the comments below!