In many cases, this is a question that older homeowners ask themselves. They might be asking because they want to make sure their smart garage door is secure and worry about their family’s garage door safety in the event of a break-in. Or they might simply ask how burglars typically open garage doors, so they can make sure the same doesn’t happen to them.

In cases where the garage door is not remotely controlled, the criminals can simply use a flashlight to “peek through” the garage door to determine if anyone is inside. They will then open the garage door themselves (even if it isn’t equipped with a garage door lock system), and they might even break into the garage itself (which is easier with a vehicle parked within) in order to garage access anything they might want inside.

A garage door may not have the same level of security afforded to the rest of the home. If it is opened manually, there is less of a chance that you will be alerted to someone’s presence.

Thieves also tend to target certain street addresses and homes with garage doors that are worth breaking into – usually if they are attached to an open basement or house, or if they lead right into a room (sometimes even leading directly into the master bedroom) where valuables can be easily accessed.

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Many homes have garage door alarms that automatically notify a central station (or simply alert an answering service) when a garage door is opened, but these too have their limitations. If a homeowner leaves home for the day, for example, his or her alarm might not be set up in such a way as to alert them when the garage door has been opened. This can be problematic if a house burglary is able to enter the house, go directly to the master bedroom and begin rummaging through the homeowner’s personal belongings.

And even for those who are alerted whenever their garage door is opened remotely, there are still ways that crooks can get into your home through your garage door. For example, they might break into your vehicle in order to steal its remote control so they can open your garage door at will.

There are newer technologies, however, that can help prevent such garage break-ins. One of the more innovative garage door security products is the door wedge alarm. When you pull your car up to your garage and close the garage door behind you, this device will then wedge itself underneath the bottom of your garage door (which is intended to help it stay closed). If anyone should attempt to open your garage door while you’re away, it will emit an ear-piercing sound so as to alert you as soon as possible.

This type of alarm does not use any kind of device that is remotely operated, so it can’t be easily bypassed. It also provides a certain amount of actual garage security since it can be used to alert you when the garage door is opened. Thieves are rarely able to break through doors that serve as alarms.

Still, there are other kinds of alarms and devices for peace that may provide you with better protection against criminals who might try to use your garage door as a way inside your house.

There are motion detectors that are connected in some way to the garage door. In situations where you have a door wedge alarm and also one of these, your garage motion detector will be activated, even if the garage door is not opened. Since these devices can’t be used to garage door release from the wedge situation, this can serve as a very useful mechanism for securing your home and valuables.

Another mechanism involves pressure pads hidden strategically around the garage door. If the garage door is tampered with, it will sense it and then set off an alarm (or alert you remotely).

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In cases where you don’t own a vehicle or are not concerned about burglars breaking into your home through the garage door, you might find that one of these other mechanisms is more suitable for your situation. In fact, even for homeowners who do have garage doors with garage door opener remotes control capabilities, it can be more effective to set up a system that sets off an alert if the garage door is opened rather than if someone is in the garage.

For example, one type of system that has proven to work well in homes where valuables are kept inside the garage secure is a wireless detection system. Thieves can’t easily hide this complicated device and, since it’s wireless, it’s very difficult to steal.

It emits an alarm if someone tries to enter the garage through the door or through an open ground-floor garage window, and it can be activated by a high-quality garage door remote opener control. This type of device is typically motion-activated and very difficult to bypass.

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The homeowner can activate it when he or she is out of their home, which means that they will be alerted instantly if someone should get inside.

That being said, a thief might still find methods of bypassing your garage door security system. For example, they may break into your expensive vehicle in order to steal your garage door remote control so that they can open the garage door at will.

There are other mechanisms for alerting you when a thief is opening your garage door, however: some older cars, for example, send an audio signal to a light or alarm mode in your house. This can allow you to immediately alert police that someone is attempting to break into your home.

In addition, there are other types of garage door systems that will not only alert you that the garage door is being opened, but also give you further options for protecting your valuables. For example, some systems include a biometric garage door sensor that can verify whether a person entering the home is indeed the homeowner. This can be helpful not only in cases where you’re at work when someone tries to break into your home but also in those times when your neighbour mistakenly leaves his or her garage open.

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Finally, if you don’t want to take the time or effort to set up a system yourself, you might consider hiring professionals to install one for you. They should be able to teach you how to use it, and they will provide additional common sense garage door security measures (such as placing cost security cameras in your house) that can make all the difference.

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If your properties are broken into on a regular basis, it’s important that you take the time and effort to ensure that your property is protected against intruders. After all, the last thing you want to deal with is your car being broken into only to realize later that there was a chance you could have prevented it.

If you already have a garage door mechanism installed, it may be necessary for you to install a new one that is more advanced and can better protect against burglars. Likewise, if your current garage door mechanism hasn’t been working effectively for some time, it might be worth updating your system with the latest technology in home security.


The best way to minimize the risk when you open your garage door is to use a security device. One of the most popular and effective ways is with an audio alarm or a pressure sensor. It will emit an ear-piercing sound that should alert you immediately so that you can take action. The other mechanism involves motion detectors and garage door lights with motion sensors that set off an alert when anyone opens your garage door.

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