Just as we take measures to secure our homes from potential intruders, it’s equally crucial to ensure our garage doors are safe and secure. Despite this, garage doors are often overlooked when it comes to security measures. 

 A Potential Entry Point for Burglars

Garages often store more than just vehicles. Many people use them to store tools, bicycles, and other valuable items. Moreover, in many homes, the garage provides direct access to the house itself. This means that a burglar who gains access to your garage might also gain access to your home. Unfortunately, garage doors are often less secure than other entry points to the house. They may have weak locks, or they may be left open or unlocked. Some burglars may even specialize in breaking into garages. Therefore, securing your garage door is an important part of your overall home security strategy.

 Methods of Breaking In

There are several methods that burglars can use to break into a garage. These include:

  1. Direct Force: This involves physically breaking the door or lock.  Some garage doors are relatively weak and can be easily forced open.
  2. Bypassing the Lock: Some burglars may try to bypass the lock using lock picking tools or methods.
  3. Remote Interception: Some criminals use devices that can intercept and duplicate the signal from your remote garage door opener
  4. Keypad Code Guessing: If your garage door has a keypad for entry, an intruder might try to guess the code. 

 How to Secure Your Garage Door

Here are some tips to improve the security of your garage door:

  •  Install a Good Quality Door

First and foremost, make sure your garage door is sturdy and well-built. A weak or flimsy door will be easy for a burglar to break. Steel and solid wood doors tend to be more secure than those made of lighter materials.

Install a Good Quality Door

  •  Use a High-Quality Lock

Invest in a high quality garage lock for your garage door. This will make it more difficult for a burglar to force open the door or pick the lock.

  •  Regular Maintenance

Regularly inspect and maintain your garage door to ensure it’s in good working condition. A poorly maintained door may have weaknesses that a burglar can exploit. Here are some garage door maintenance tips to help you keep your door in top shape.

  •  Install a Security System

Consider installing a security system that includes your garage. This could include cameras, motion detectors, and alarms. Have a look at these essential garage security tips for more information.

  •  Secure the Garage Door Opener

If you have a remote garage door opener, keep it secure. Don’t leave it in your car, where a thief could easily steal it. Consider switching to a keychain remote that you can keep with you.

  •  Change Your Keypad Code Regularly

If your garage door has a keypad, change the code regularly to prevent someone from guessing it. Avoid using obvious codes, such as birthdays or anniversaries. You may also want to read more about the security of using a garage door keypad

  •  Add Lighting

Adding lights around your garage door can deter burglars. Motion-activated lights can be particularly effective.

 Final Thoughts

Securing your garage door is an important part of your home security strategy. By taking the steps outlined above, you can make your garage – and therefore your home – a less appealing target for burglars. Remember, the goal is not just to protect your vehicle and other items stored in the garage, but also to prevent access to your home.


Can burglars open garage doors?

Yes, burglars can open garage doors using various methods such as forcing the door open, picking the lock, intercepting the remote signal, or guessing the keypad code.

How secure is my garage door opener?

The security of your garage door opener depends on factors like how you store it and the type of technology it uses. Upgrading to a model that uses rolling codes and not leaving the remote in the car can enhance security.

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