What is a Cam Lock?

Cam locks are very common locks often seen on mailboxes or filing cabinets. They don’t offer great protection but they do provide a low level of protection for small items like mailboxes or filing cabinet drawers. If you’re looking for something simple to install, these locks are usually pretty easy to replace.

Cam Lock

These are usually used in vending machines, filing cabinets, desks, or display cases to stop people from accessing things without permission. They’re often made out of metal so they look nice but are hard to open. Some lockers are designed to be completely hidden inside the case, which makes them ideal for storing sensitive documents.

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How Does a Cam Lock Work?

Cam lock consists of a fastener with a rotating cam that locks when rotated into place. They are cylindrical and have a metal tube with a hole in one end that helps position the bolt once it is placed inside. They can rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise and the amount of rota­tion can be limited to 90° or 180°.

When you turn the key, the cam turns and pushes down on the bolt, locking it in place. You then need to pull the key out to release the bolt.

History of Cam Locks

A cam lock was invented in Canada in 1985 by a man named Volker Guelck. Cam locks are quick and easy security solutions for cabinets, safes, lockable storage units, doors, windows, and many other compartments. 

Types of Cam Locks:

There are two main types of cam locks:-

  1. Push button
  2. lever type

Push Button

Push button cam locks are very simple to operate. When you turn the key, it pushes down on the bolt which causes the bolt to move into its locked position. To open the door, all you do is remove the key and the door opens.

Push button cam locks are great for small areas such as a desk drawer or a filing cabinet. If you don’t want to spend money on a lock, this would be a good option.

Lever Cam

Lever cam locks are similar to push button cam locks but there is one major difference. Lever cam locks require a special tool to open them. You must first pull up on the handle before turning the key. Once the handle has been pulled up, the bolt moves into its unlocked position.

Lever cam locks are best suited for larger areas like closets or use for garage door locks.

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Uses of Cam Locks

Cam locks are used for many different purposes. They are commonly found on doors, windows, and gates. Here are a few of the things cam locks can be used for:

  • The cam lock is also used as an anti-theft device. It’s not uncommon to see a cam lock on a safe or filing cabinet drawer. These locks prevent someone from opening the drawer without the proper key.
  • Cam locks are also used to secure desks and computer monitors. Many companies will put a cam lock on their office desk drawers to keep employees from taking files or supplies without permission.
  • Cam locks are also used to protect vending machines from being opened without paying. Vending machines are often equipped with a cam lock to prevent customers from stealing snacks or drinks.
  • Cam locks are even used to secure some types of file folders. There are several ways to make a folder more secure. One method is to add a cam lock to the front of the folder. This prevents anyone from opening the folder without the correct key.
  • Cam locks can also be used to secure your home. Many homes have a lockbox where keys are stored. Instead of having a key to every room, you could just store the master key in the lockbox. Then, if you want to access a specific room, you simply take the master key out of the lock box and insert it into the lock. The lock will unlock and allow you to enter the room.

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Commons Question On Cam Locks

What are Cam Locks Used For?

Cam locks offer a long-lasting solution for preventing thefts of private mail. They’re used in many different applications, including camper vans, caravans, trailers, boat hulls, and much more.

How do you Open a Cam Lock Without a Key?

For a simple cam locking mechanism, you can buy yourself a cheap standard screwdriver. Using a hammer and driving the screwdriver into the key slot, you should be able to twist the key out of the slot. You may also find that a pipe wrench works just fine.

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Why is it Called a Cam Lock?

The name “Cam Locker” comes from the cam or lever that locks one hose or fits into another one.

How do a Male and Female Cam Lock Work?

Camlock fittings have both a male and a female end, as well arm that helps to lock them together when they connect. They’re made so that their male and female parts line up perfectly.

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